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As a young man I assisted in the tutoring needs of my relatives’ children. Now, my son, and daughter look to me when they need help in school. I have been formalizing those teaching skills the last few years, by going to classes held at local schools, and colleges. However, my interest in teaching began in junior high school.

The two most influential teachers of my youth were Ms. Mills, and Mr. Pippin. Ms. Mills’ assigned reading list included, “The Raven” Edgar Allen Poe, “Swiss family Robinson” Johann D. Wyss, and “Frankenstein” Mary Shelly. These books dealt with emotion, striving to survive, and trying to understand what we are, or why we behave the way we do. Mr. Pippin, my seventh grade science teacher, taught me the meaning of common math, and made science fun. He created a store in the classroom where you could only use “Pippo Bucks”-a paper currency - to purchase items. These two teaching professionals set the stage for my quest to help others understand classroom assignments, and life lessons.

The education program at Chapman University has brought me closer to achieving my goal. I have earned a baccalaureate degree, and several associates, however I still feel that a Masters of Education with credentials in multi-subject, and special education would round out my educational experiences. I like to see the imagination at work, watch it unfold in organized chaos, as the light goes on, and the child beams with satisfaction. I want to be the teacher that learns everyday from my students, while I help them learn about the world around them.

To view some of my Technology Certificates prior to my collegiate studies click on the photo page link in the upper left corner of this page.

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I have added a BLOG Page please enter any thoughts or topics you are interested in. I have also added some pictures and a Publishing Page that shows some of my past creations as they relate to the technology field. I have organized this site to give examples of my technology background You can contact me at the E-mail Address below or on my BLOG.

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